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Wedding, prom night, party ...

If you want to organize a graduation ball, ball dancing, city feast, outdoor event, company party, wedding or VIP party, another celebration or event which requires a pleasant atmosphere and good- quality musical interpretation, or if you want to be brought to golden 80’s when the world was ruled by ABBA, our music group ABBA revival Globus dance band is here for you.

ABBA revival Globus dance consists of 7 musicians + a sound engineer who will lead you through the most famous hits of legendary group ABBA. A length of the performance is maximally 120 minutes.

ABBA Revival Globus plakat

Hits that never get old!

ABBA revival Globus dance band comes from Hluboká nad Vltavou and is known for its energetic style and rich sound, which is demanded by ABBA style.

ABBA revival Globus dance band uses professional devices DYNACORD, ALLEN & HEATH, SHURE, AKG, SOUNDCRAFT, YAMAHA.. and manages also lighting for your show (laser, artificial fog, colours)

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